• Carsco Automotive Customer Service Desk
  • Carsco Automotive Customer Service Desk
  • Carsco Automotive Customer Service Desk Blueprint

Bringing The Retail Environment You Envisioned To Life

The Opportunity

The owner of Carsco dropped into our office with a pencil sketch of a reception desk. He had gone to a furniture manufacturer and was not able to find a fit for what he envisioned. When he left their office, he drove around our neighborhood remembering that we had completed a kiosk for his wife a few years prior and that we might be a fit.

Our Task

To create the Reception Area that he envisioned from the pencil sketch

The Solution

Our Production Manager was able to work directly with the owner and our technical engineer to create shop drawings that matched his vision.

The Results

We were able to build and install the Reception Area on the time line and budget that the Customer requested.

We had looked at “off the shelf” options and had considered using a carpenter through one of the major office furnishing companies but it seemed nobody could “get” our concept. We knew that C-West was our best option. We brought a sketch on a restaurant napkin to your company with our concept and felt confident that C-West could deliver. We were right!

Don Richardson
General Manager, Owner