Designing And Building A High-End Custom Cosmetic Merchandiser Fixture

The Opportunity

FACE Atelier’s president & CEO has almost twenty years of niche retail experience. Her latest venture is FACE atelier, a carefully edited collection of versatile, sophisticated makeup and tools. We were approached to design and build a merchandiser for her complete line of cosmetic products that can be used in both a retail and tradeshow environments.

Our Task

Creating units that have the high end look of the designer brands, use minimum counter space and organize the products in a logical and visually appealing way.

The Solution

Close customer relations meant many meetings to ensure critical sizing and shapes were being met. By using drawings and full scale mock-ups, the client was able to work with our designer to create a merchandizing plan and confirm the final design.

The Results

Beautiful cosmetic fixtures that define the brand segments Face/Lips/Eyes with intricate placement and silk screening for each individual product. The units have a unique classy feel that are very modern and eye catching for the best possible price point.

I was astonished and delighted to find a company with C-West’s expertise in cosmetic display design and manufacturing in Calgary. Their knowledge, proficiency and expertise was exceeded only by the willingness of the staff to do anything they could to meet my requirements.

Debbie Bondar
President & CEO, FACE Atelier