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A Big Impact Fixture In A Small Footprint

The Opportunity

London Drugs was started in 1945 as a small humble pharmacy, but today has grown to over 77 stores in Canada’s western provinces. London Drugs needed multiple display case concept to completion solutions that would contain and display all of their nail polish brands in a small footprint.

Our Task

We worked closely with London Drugs to understand the merchandising issue that needed to be addressed. Multiple displayers and multiple brands needed to be reduced to one compact fixture creating a destination spot in the cosmetic centre.

The Solution

We purchased multiple brand nail polish to create a compact modular display system that housed all nail polish brands. Nail trays that could hold a large amount of product without looking cluttered was a key part of this design that London Drugs needed.

The Results

The New London Drugs Nail Bar that was installed in Vancouver and exceeded expectations and has driven very strong sales. The nail bar program rolled out to all stores shortly after the first prototype store was installed.

…their selection of nail polish shown in this display case is nothing short of incredible for those who wear nail polish. This is the tip of the iceberg in this section, but the most visually appealing.

Bob Kronbauer
Vancouver Is Awesome