Portfolio / CrossIron Mills

CrossIron Mills is the biggest one-level shopping centre in Alberta. It celebrates the beauty and diversity of Alberta through arresting design features and architecture. When it came time to add a community kiosk to their existing (and impressive) guest services desk, they contacted C-West.


    Community initiatives are an important part of CrossIron Mills. As the hub of community initiatives, the overall impression of the community kiosk had to be just as impressive as the rest of the space. Everything, from the scale of the desk to the components of the kiosk, was carefully designed and built to work with the existing guest services centre and unique floor inlay.

    Special features of this project:

    • Curved edges on both desktop and desk front
    • Integrated LED display screen
    • Custom desk storage system
    • Custom shelves and acrylic rails for displaying materials
    • Desk design that compliments existing floor

    C-West designers and project managers worked closely with the CrossIron Mills team to capture the design esthetic of the mall. From concept to completion, initial designs to final installation, the C-West team stayed in close contact with the CrossIron Mills team. We are so proud of how this community kiosk has remained an important fixture in CrossIron Mills.

    This kiosk has withstood the test of time in a busy shopping centre and still looks brand new.

     - Ross McAlpine, Operations Manager JLL CrossIron Mills