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As a free service, our project managers will arrange meetings either in person or over the phone, to fully understand the customer's needs and discuss details such as timeline, budget and contract.

When the project begins development, our team keeps an open line of communication with the customer.

People meeting around a table to discuss a project
clients and the c-west team meeting around a table
project coordinators going over project details on a paper beside a laptop


a little pencil drawing a line

This step includes creating floor plans (if applicable), picking materials, engineering structures, and creating 3D representation of the project assets.

The designers and engineers work together to transform your vision into a fully rendered concept and ready-to-build shop drawing package.

A designer or engineer drawing on draftng paper
Designers and engineers working together on a computer

When dealing with new materials and ideas, we recognize that testing and troubleshooting is a key element to any prototype. Our attention to detail is paramount to ensure the first run is successful for a full project rollout.

hands holding up a prototype box
a person holding up sticky notes detailing testing a prototype
a journeyman measuring a length of aluminium extrusion

Utilizing the latest materials and techniques in cabinet making, our skilled Red Seal journeymen hand-craft fixtures with the utmost precision and care. We create displays that last a lifetime.

tools used in manufacturing
The C-West CNC machine cutting through a sheet of MDF
a journeyman using a tool on a piece of wood

Let us handle it. We work closely with shipping companies to find the most reliable and cost effective options across North America.

a shipping truck on its way to a happy cutomer
A shipping truck driving to the client
an airplane flying in the air and shipping crates stacked on a huge ship

Prior to shipping, all the fixtures are

pre-assembled to allow for seamless installations. Our team of Red Seal trades oversee every aspect of the installation process to ensure we meet all the clients needs.

and installer moving a desk
Our installers working as a team to move a huge wall fixture
A team of our installers carrying a heavy counter top for a kiosk



Once a project is completed, our project coordinators will follow up to make sure everything is working as it should. We take pride in our work and service, and want the best for our customers.

client and project coordiator shaking hands
An open sign on a glass door to a retail store, reading open for business
Client and project coordinator shaking hands after a successful project


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Plan ahead well in advance!

Our average lead time for production is 8 weeks.

Book an appointment today and let our professionals guide you on the path towards your new fixtures.

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