Portfolio / London Drugs Cosmetics

The C-West team has worked closely with London Drug's Business Unit Manager and Retail Store Development Team for over 15 years. This rich history of collaboration makes everything from new store development to fixture retrofits go smoothly.


London Drugs has stores in more than 35 major markets throughout Western Canada. What started as a pharmacy has developed into a retail hybrid unlike any other with departments for computers, small appliances, camera, electronics and so much more. In the 1970s London Drugs decided to provide quality cosmetic offerings at London Drugs, consumers can now find everything from entry level cosmetics to big name brands like Elizabeth Arden and Shiseido.

With such a large range of products and brands within the cosmetics department, the challenge for London Drugs becomes how to fit everything in. That's where C-West comes in. C-West has  manufactured two lines of fixtures - one for premium brands and the other for active brands. Each of these are standardized in format but offer flexibility in millwork, glass, metal and signage. In many cases, C-West works directly with London Drugs' vendors to ensure fixtures will accommodate different displays and trays easily. In fact, it was a C-West relationship with L'Oreal that introduced London Drugs to our custom manufacturing business. And the rest is history.

Special features incorporated into London Drugs cosmetic displays:

  • 3-D Logos
  • Custom Graphics
  • Lockable Fixtures
  • Integrated Lighting

For a  new build, C-West loads up two 52' trailers full of custom millwork and fixtures. And the install takes a full week. From concept to completion, C-West project managers are working alongside London Drugs to ensure all details from electric to vendor requirements are handled in a timely and cost effective manner.

It's lasting relationships like this that C-West lives for. Years of collaboration on great work allows for trust and innovation within the retail space.

Extremely well done to Danielle and your team. We can't thank you enough for how you stickhandled this entire project. Super impressive!!

- Mike Cummings, Cosmetic Unit Manager, London Drugs