Portfolio / SCHEELS

Scheels has been working with C-West for over 7 years. Originally, we worked with Scheels to design and manufacture fixtures to display Women’s Fashion shoes. Now, we help them create unique footwear experiences for Women, Men, and Youth.


The Scheels brand has grown from a 3-acre potato farm in Minnesota to the World’s Largest All Sports Store. Scheels is known for creating one-of-a-kind retail experiences for customers – and C-West is so proud to help them with that.

C-West works with Scheels on their footwear shops - both retrofitting existing locations and on new builds. We work closely with the retail team to create specialty fixtures to suit different types of footwear. We design, prototype and manufacture all specialty fixtures in Calgary and then ship them to locations across the American Mid-West. Scheels have their own highly-trained installation teams that C-West works closely with to ensure everything at install goes off smoothly.

Some unique specialty fixtures we’ve created for Scheels:

  • Custom painted rock walls for hiking shoe display – to ensure colour consistency across all locations
  • Western Boot Walls
  • Incline fixture for hiking shoe trials
  • Branded upholstered seating
  • Christmas specific displays

C-West project managers enjoy working with the Scheels’ team from year-to-year, project-to-project, location-to-location to ensure their footwear displays live up to their impressive brand reputation and brand promise of one-of-a-kind retail experiences.

Just wanted to give you kudos for outstanding customer service, and always going above and beyond to meet our needs. You've put together a fantastic team, it's a pleasure to work with you, and we value the partnership! 

- Aaron Astrup, Project Leader, Sheels Store Development