Portfolio / Second Specs

When Second Specs was looking to get custom retail kiosks manufactured, built and installed they asked the team at Cadillac Fairview who they would recommend and the answer was C-West. Since then, C-West has continued to work with Second Specs - manufacturing and installing a total of 8 different locations in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon - with plans for more in the future.


    Second Specs is an Alberta-owned and operated optical store that provides affordable, quality glasses fast – some glasses are made in as little as 30 minutes!

    Initial designs for these custom mall kiosks were supplied through Second Specs. The design team at C-West has helped modify the original design for each project. As well as providing all updated renderings, and drawings. Each kiosk has been manufactured, delivered and installed by the C-West team.

    Special features of this project:

    • Up-lit Optical Trays
    • Integrated LED Frames
    • Integrated Edger and Dispenser
    • Integrated Brand TV

    For each new location, the C-West project manager worked closely with Second Specs as well as on-site electricians and mall teams to ensure the kiosks met all technical requirements.

    C-West has worked with us to develop a unified look for our many locations. They always work with us from start to finish to ensure that the product we receive is of the highest quality.

    - Owner, Second Specs