The Mercedes of Popup Retail

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

What is Popup Retail?

A retail store that is opened temporarily to take advantage of a trend or a seasonal product. Demand for products sold in popup retail is typically short-lived. Pop-up retail stores are found most often in the apparel and toy industries. But as the years have gone on it have evolved into something spectacular.

Times are always changing. With the option of having the concept called Popup retail could possibly be the coolest thing on the market since 2002.

For years popup retail has been gallery-like shopping spaces to mobile units that come and go. It can quickly draw in crowds while adding a fresh feel to retail.

Popup retail allows you to fully customize a portable retail store or kiosk, that you can take anywhere for your business to grow in a different way that allows an opportunity for more sales.

Popup Retail for Bigger Brands

The new Tiffany and Co pop up store in HBC Square One Toronto

This concept has been taken to the maximum of imagination that has been seen at many different kinds of events like music festivals to in the middle of downtown New York.

Big brand name companies have already jumped on the band wagon of Popup retail, as it is popular all around the world from the US, Canada, Brazil, Hungary, China, UK.

Companies like Target, ToysRus, Nike, Prada, and even online companies have tried their share of Popup retail like Amazon, Google, and eBay.

Reasons why retailers love Popup retail:

  • because it truly is business marketing

  • minimize cost and tests the waters

  • retailers use pop-up stores to sell a product, idea or to test a particular location.

Making your own pop-up location? We’re here to help.

Contact us or book an appointment now to get started on your new fixtures.

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