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When most people think of manufacturing, they imagine the typical assembly line model of production. But C-West is different. At C-West, we believe the best inspirational builds are done start to finish.

Our shop employs a mix of ticketed journeymen, apprentices and skilled labourers. Because we specialize in custom manufacturing, the jobs we do are varied and unique. Our people have experience working with wood, metal, plastic, and lighting. And we are often asked to explore other materials for specific jobs. If we don’t have experience working with a material in our shop, we take the time to figure out how to work with it and integrate it into our fixtures.

Any shop’s ability to deliver exceptional millwork depends on the skill of their employees and the investment they make in equipment. C-West is happy to invest in both their employees and their equipment.

Investing in Employees

Everyone who works in our shop is encouraged complete the cabinetmaker program and become a Red Seal Journeyman. C-West covers the application costs, provides on the job training, provides time off work for in-school training, and provides a supportive mentoring environment. Since C-West opened, we have successfully trained over 40 cabinetmaker apprentices.

C-West is an active member of the cabinetmaker community. Our operations manager is the presiding officer for the local apprenticeship committee in Calgary and serves on the pre-employment advisory committee at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).

Investing in Specialty Equipment

We pride ourselves on pushing what is possible in custom fixture manufacturing. We are committed to staying competitive with the specialty equipment we have on site.


CNC Router

This beauty automates all of our 3-dimensional cutting and milling. It allows us to deliver precise and consistent results every time. We use this for creating:

  • Custom Slatwall
  • 3-D Logos
  • Intricate Designs and Shapes

Hot Press

Having the right tool for the job is important. Adding the hot press to our shop allows us to create our veneers quickly so we can focus on our builds.  We use our hot press to:

  • Apply Veneers and Substrates to Wood
  • Doubling Up Materials to Increase Strength

Vacuum Press

Our vacuum press is used when we need to bend and form wood. We use it primarily for creating stunning curves in our pieces.


If you have a project or idea for custom fixtures that others have told you "can’t be done" – make sure you talk to us before giving up your idea. We love figuring out complex projects.

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