Controlled substances like cannabis offer a new retail experience in Canada. While you’re the expert on your product and the various strains, creating a regulation-ready store requires knowledge of cannabis retail regulations.


There are rules to what can be displayed in cannabis retail locations.

Working with an experienced cannabis retail display expert is a great place to start when navigating the ins and outs of your cannabis space. The experts understand the boxes that need to be ticked to get you up and running confidently.

We understand cannabis regulations. Cannabis retail owners in Alberta can showcase up to fifteen sensory product display containers (sample containers) at any one time. That might sound like a random fact, but it’s important to know the regulations to operate a successful cannabis dispensary.


Things your cannabis retail store will need:

  1. A dedicated shipping and receiving area. Sharing with another retailer is not permitted for controlled substances.
  2. Video surveillance and a secure alarm system. Protecting your inventory and offering your staff a sense of security.
  3. Secure (locking) product displays and a secure storage area. Controlling your assets is both in your best interest, and is part of your legal responsibility.


In retail stores, location matters a lot more than you might think.

When selling a controlled substance in a retail store setting, it matters what you are close to. Currently, cannabis retailers need to be more than 100 metres away from all schools, land reserved for future schools, and provincial health care facilities. Download the Alberta Cannabis Operations Manual.


Canada's cannabis retail experience is growing.

Hemp crops have been in use for a long time. Legally marketing and selling it to the masses is what’s new. When you convert an illegal substance like marijuana into a legal one, the “rebrand” is every bit as important as a corporate re-brand.


Store fixtures secure and display your products.

The construction of your store fixtures matters. Retail fixtures for hemp products require locking features to be secure. Even the thickness and clarity of the glass is important. Additionally, the design and presentation of fixtures must speak to your brand and offer a unique experience for consumers.

Choosing a partner that has experience building cannabis fixtures can greatly improve your opportunity for retail success. At C-West, Red Seal journeymen hand-craft fixtures with the utmost precision and care utilizing the most modern materials and techniques in cabinet making.


Our team can support the launch of your specialty retail store.

Cannabis displayed within customer reach must be in a secure showcase that is locked at all times and accessible only by authorized staff.

All cannabis must be in its original sealed package or an approved container. Product inventory must be stored in a locked storage room accessible only by authorized staff.

Cabinets purchased for cannabis retail come with the following:

  1. Uniquely keyed locks for your store, for optimal security.
  2. Lockable cabinet doors and drawers, for durability.
  3. Standard 6 mm tempered low-iron, high-clarity glass.


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Alberta's cannabis operations manual